Media Training

When you’re meeting the press, it’s all about maximizing your message and taking control. You want to stand above the rest, to put your best foot forward and tell your story. The Scutari and Cieslak Public Relations team has been on both sides of the camera. We know what works – and what doesn’t. We won’t simply tell you how to succeed during media interviews and public speeches — we will show you how. And when the lights are on, the cameras begin to roll and the reporters are firing off questions, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Our media training curriculum includes mock interviews. (Our team includes an Emmy Award-winning, former Fox News reporter and videographer who brings a critical, real-world perspective.) Depending on your needs, the scenarios could include anything from a combative radio interview to a wild press conference or a mock editorial board. We’ll teach you how to maximize your messages in each of these formats while avoiding curveballs from journalists.

Our honesty alerts are our clients best friends. We don’t withhold constructive feedback when a client needs to hear it. We don’t like to brag — OK, sometimes we like to boast — but every single client has left our sessions more confident, prepared and grateful for our honest advice.

Our media training curriculum includes the following:

  • “Scutari and Cieslak Public Relations has been a tremendous partner to the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. The expertise Chip and Dave bring to the table, in a wide array of mission critical areas, including media relations, new member development and public affairs has been a true asset to my organization.” 
    - Todd Sanders, President & CEO Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce


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