Arizona Commerce Authority

Work at the fast-moving intersection of public policy, business, and politics can be among the most complex and challenging in public relations. But for S&C PR, it’s also among the most invigorating.

That’s why we we’ve been so honored to lead the public- and media-relations efforts for the talented folks at the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) – the state’s leading economic-development agency.

The firm was hired not long after the ACA was created by the Arizona Legislature to help kick-start a fragile state economy. At the time, partisan politics and steep budget cuts combined to help fuel consistently critical media coverage of the public agency. This was punctuated by the abrupt resignation of the ACA’s former CEO.

Under the new leadership, S&C PR immediately developed a long-term plan that included media training, messaging, promoting the value of thought leadership and a media outreach strategy that communicated Arizona’s assets to the world, as well as the ACA’s track record of facilitating company expansions, high-wage jobs and capital investment.

During the past three years, the agency has seen a marked shift from reactive and negative coverage to the proactive and positive. A recent feature in the Phoenix Business Journal is just one example of this PR success story: “How Sandra Watson Has Led Arizona Commerce Authority to High-Quality Results.

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